My Top 10 Films of 2013


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Even while many are saying that this as one of the great years for movies, I personally didn’t feel like it was such a good year with that many great flicks. With having said that this is first time where I’ve seen many foreign language films than usual and many were surprisingly great and much better than Hollywood. So any way, without much further ado her are top 10 picks for 2013.

Honorable Mentions : Rush, Side Effects, The Place Beyond the Pines, Captain Phillips, Gravity

10. Mud


Mud is a story of two friends, Ellis and Neckbone, who find a fugitive in hiding named Mud (Matthew McConaughey) and decide to help him after being inspired by his plan to rescue the love of his life Juniper (Reese Witherspoon) and run away together, ultimately evading the police and bounty hunters on their tale. This is beautifully written and directed film by Jeff Nichols and was the continuation of Mathew McConaughey’s incredible performances from the previous years.

9. All Is Lost


One man in a boat – no back story, no people, no dialogue and no unnecessary exposition – just one man against the elements and what a gripping story it is. Robert Redford plays an unnamed yachtsman deep in a solo voyage in the Indian Ocean when he is hit by catastrophe. Why he is there is not explained but that is not important. What follows is an epic struggle for survival between man and the elements. Fans of Robert Redford will be shocked by his aging good looks and this is accentuated by the sheer physicality of the role, which makes you wonder whether he is too old for the part, but Redford carries it off with aplomb. You’ll be blowing hard with him as he lifts, climbs, carries, pushes and pulls his way around the boat. For a man three years shy of his 80th birthday, Redford shows that he is still supremely fit. Now if only the Oscar Voters had some sense in them, they wouldn’t have snubbed Mr.Redford of a rightfully deserved nomination!

8. The Wolf of Wall Street


The Wolf of Wall Street is infectiously entertaining. It is probably the funniest movie I have seen all year with witty dialogue, over the top characters, and filled with energy that bleeds off the screen. Between all the fun however, there is also a story about addiction and how it can cause a downward spiral in your life whether it be drugs, money, or power. Scorsese does a wonderful job keeping this movie at a high at all times. Never once does this movie lose it’s energy or sense of humor much like the drug induced characters. There are a lot of quick cuts and edits to keep the movie feeling as If you are on drugs as well as playing high energy music in some of the more serious situations. The cast brings their “A” game. This film really showcases his diverse range. Overall the film is a full on adrenaline ride that never loses momentum. It’s directed with a lot of flair and energy and has an incredibly well written script that gives it depth and a ton of laughs.

7. The Kings of Summer


I really enjoyed this movie. It seemed to have the right mix of comedy and drama to keep you engaged the whole movie. Watching the boys try and survive in the woods was a lot of fun, and Nick Offerman as Joe’s dad was a lot of fun as well. The biggest thing to note here is that this the kind of story which we when as kids hoped to do but could only dream of well, now we can see it unfold visually as a great movie. The emotional aspect of this movie was everything you come to expect from a movie that has to sell itself with a great story.

6. Frances Ha


The director’s examination of culture, early adulthood, and obsessive friendships not only makes for a good, topical debate but a very worthy motion picture, as Frances Ha is one of the strongest films this year. Heavy on dialog, characterization, and the strong, stable topics to examine, this is a thoughtful mediation on what it means to grow up, stay true to your friends, and be self-reliant. The film stars the zealous Greta Gerwig as the title character, a plucky dancer at the age of twenty-seven, living with her best friend Sophie and her best guy-friend Benji. Frances and her friend Sophie are like “straight lesbians,” so Benji says, as they do everything together, and both of them would seemingly be lost without each other. The thought is put to the test when Sophie decides to move out of the cramped studio apartment in favor of moving in with another friend, leaving Frances sort of lost and unfulfilled with her current position in life.

5. Dallas Buyers Club


A raw, gritty, and incredible true story about a HIV diagnosed man who went to extraordinary lengths to survive at a time when the AIDS epidemic was at it’s worst. Matthew McConaughey who lost a significant amount of weight to play the role gives the performance of his career along with Jared Leto who’s equally as good here. The two give quite possibly the best performances I’ve seen in a film all year. There’s no doubt they will both win Oscars for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.This movie is wonderful. It contains all the elements of a great movie. It has a strong script, excellent acting, compelling themes and terrific cinematography. The movie deals with several themes – AIDS, terminal illness, government regulations, response to crisis, change of life issues, homosexuality, promiscuity, personal responsibility, and capitalism. All these themes are treated forthrightly. After watching this movie, one should come away with a better understanding and appreciation of the issues raised. But although the movie touches on themes that have political implications, it is first and foremost a drama.

4. Her


Spike Jonze’s latest feature ‘Her’, set in the not-too-distant future, tells the story of Theodore Twombly who finds himself falling in love with ‘Samantha’, an advanced operating system voiced by the sultry Scarlett Johansson. It is a complex film with a much deeper meaning that lies beneath the surface. A beautifully crafted motion picture, this quirky love story is sure to resonate with you once you’ve seen it. It is an extremely interesting (and realistic) look at the future.The visual style and extensive use of pastel colours is a triumph in itself, and the acting, editing, costumes and screenplay are all worthy of recognition.

3. The Past


A true masterpiece this movie. A pure drama, which glues you to your seat, with so intense performances, powerful characters so brilliantly played. Berenice Bejo is here at her best. So realistic, it seems the actual daily life of common people. I’m yet to see this director’s previous feature ” A Seperation ” but I will now. The structure of the story is that of two parallel stories of two families. Several twists and surprises convince you to stick to your seat to the end. There’s no excessive dialog. You have to listen carefully and memorize all the details. And It has a very interesting ending.

2. 12 Years a Slave


If you’ve seen McQueen’s other works then you more or less know what kind of movie to expect (if you haven’t then please stop reading and watch Hunger and Shame). 12 Years a Slave is dark and raw, it exposes everything, without sugarcoating it. It is definitely hard to watch; it is not only worth watching but necessary. Films exploring themes of slavery are few and far in between and never has one been quite as exhaustive and effective as this one. Beautifully shot and edited, the film features moments of tension, heartbreak and a few laughs here and there. Steve McQueen has created another masterpiece. Micheal Fassbender gives the best performance of his already extremely impressive career, even besting his previous high marks from the films Shame and Hunger (both directed by Steve McQueen, who also directed 12 Years a Slave). He plays Edwynn Epps, a vicious and demonic slaver and perhaps the most loathsome and disgusting character ever put on screen. Lupita Nyong’o’s first appearance in a feature film is stunning, as she plays a heart breaking young slave. I hope she has a long career ahead of her, she certainly has the talent for it. The true star is definitely Chiwetel Ejiofor. His performance as Solomon is stunning and unforgettable.

1. The Hunt


This is my favorite film of 2013! So to delve into the plot here would reveal too much. So I’ll just say that the film is quite dark and deals with some very difficult subject matter that can be very hard to watch at times. I’ll leave it to you to decide if you want to be more aware of the details by looking up a basic synopsis. This is essentially a one-man show. While supporting cast members are all up to the challenge, Lucas is on on screen virtually every moment of the movie and its overall success rises or falls on his believability. Mikkelsen’s(Oscar deserving Performance) delicately underplayed characterization of a man under fire likely won’t be appreciated or understood by all viewers. His restrained performance is remarkable and does much to make The Hunt a haunting, memorable experience. Among the children, Annika Wedderkopp’s portrayal of Klara is frighteningly brilliant. She steals every scene she’s in.


My Top 10 TV Shows of 2013


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This is the first time ever that I’ve done a top 10 list for TV shows. And that was mainly because of the time that I’ve had this time around due to which I was able to catch up on some of the shows that I had been waiting to see for a long time. To compile this list I’ve only taken shows which have finished airing an entire season or at least half of the season in the year. And these are just some of the shows that I’ve watched this past year and it reflects just my taste in it.

10. Orphan Black


Without giving too much of the story away the basic premise of the the show is that Sarah Manning (an orphan) comes face to face with someone that is identical to herself, who jumps in front of a train. Sarah swaps identity, only to discover that she has many clones. Some of these are being murdered. The characters and story introduced within the first season are very interesting. This momentum can definitely be maintained if the writers are careful where to take the story. Tatiana Maslany is great and her characters are likable, which provides room for humorous writing and great acting.

9. Banshee


Two ex-jewel thieves who are star crossed lovers, one who went to prison for the other and who now assumes the identity of a dead Sheriff. A cross dressing computer tech/street fighting hairdresser, an old heavy weight boxing champion/bartender, a shunned Amish/now criminal landowner/butcher/politician, Russian mafia and the storyline of each of those characters being intertwined in a small town. Yup this definitely has the touch from the creators of the True Blood. So far, so good. Let’s just hope it’s subsequent seasons too stands up to it’s opening season unlike True Blood.

8. Orange is the new Black


This is a story about Piper, a young woman raised in a white, upper middle class family, who completed her education at college, and while looking for a job as a waitress at a local bar, meets and begins a relationship with Alex. The two young women live an adventurous and romantic life for several years globe trotting and drug trafficking for an international drug cartel until they eventually part ways. Then, after 10 years, Piper is arrested, tried, and found guilty of being an accomplice to drug trafficking and money laundering, right when she’s settling down with her boyfriend.Piper surrenders herself to begin her 15 month sentence, with the intention of serving her time, and then marrying her fiancé. But, Piper is a fish out of water in an environment that seeks to teach the hard lesson of conformity.This story is about adaptation and survival as much as it is about finding love in all the wrong places. And this really happened to someone. I would highly recommend this enjoyable series, and look forward to Season 2.

7. Archer


Archer is an over the top raunchy fest based on the doings of a supposed spy firm. You have Sterling, an insecure guy who thinks very little, does very many, and says just enough to keep us laughing,mainly because he is so stupid. You have Malory, an unhappy boss who loves an enemy, hates being Sterling’s mom at times, and has shown more than once to be off her rocker. You then have Lana, Sterling’s Ex who isn’t over Sterling. She is also a no nonsense, ass whipping babe. This show nails it. I highly recommend it

6. American Horror Story : Coven


I have always been a fan of the Horror genre even though I’m yet to see the previous two season of the show but this present season has not left me down. The writing and direction have been great and Jessica Lange is terrific as the Supreme Witch. Fans of Horror Anthologies will love this show.

5. The Americans


 I can honestly say that I have never seen this side of the spy world and it pulls you in almost instantly wanting to watch the entire season at once. Phillip and Elizabeth have been sleeper Russian agents in DC from the early 1960s to the early 80s, the show’s setting. Reagan is the new President and is heating up the Cold War. Our two spies have been playing the role of typical American husband and wife, keeping their secret life even from their pre-teen daughter and son. Again to keep it spoiler free, will not be going too much into the details.

4. Game of Thrones


What more can I say about this show that hasn’t already been said before, tuned into this show only this year and I’ve loved everything about it. This is what you get when the show runner has already planned well in advance with the storyline and the number of seasons to be produced, so everything can run smoothly without much worry especially in the writing department. The acting too was good with the additional of new characters each season.



Another show that I’ve just started watching from this year. And I couldn’t believe how I even missed watching it in the last year itself ! This is right up there along with Seinfeld as one of THE funniest shows that I’ve ever come across. Credit here must be given to the writers as well as the actors both of whom have done a spectacular job. J.L.Dreyfus richly deserves all the accolades that she’s been getting for the portrayal of Vice-President Selina Meyers. This show features the day-to-day life of the Veep and what goes on there and is portrayed comically but not like the forced ones of some of the present network shows.

2.Masters of Sex


The title “Masters of Sex” works on many levels and the creators of the show are well aware of the attention that this title will draw. This show is about the first scientific research in the area of sex based on the Masters and Johnson studies, who are the protagonists of the story set to the backdrop of the late 1950s. The set design is just about right and it very accurately represents the theme and ideology of the time. The characters are sketched out perfectly and there is no dearth of good acting performances with Michael Sheen stealing the show for his portrayal of the incredibly complex William Masters. And what’s nice, too, is that this story has many levels – there’s the historical recreation of events, but there’s also a burgeoning romance here, between Masters, a married doctor, and Johnson, a divorced single mother; there’s also a fight for women’s equality side to the story here – as Johnson attempts to earn more respect; there’s the courageous battle that Masters and Johnson fought, to bring science to an essential human subject; and there’s a story about human imperfections and intolerance. This show seems like it will fill some of the void left due to the absence of Breaking Bad from now. As the writing,direction,casting and acting is of top notch quality.

1. Breaking Bad



Review of Man Of Steel ( 2013 )


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Man of Steel – Was not the superman movie that I expected it was going to be. I had high hopes for this one after the first trailer was released during the opening of TDKR, but was beginning to feel a bit worried after it released it’s second action packed trailer. And my fears were true, as what you get to see is a non-stop shaky cam Michael Bay action film with big explosions taking place every few seconds. Because of this you couldn’t even make out who is fighting whom half of the time. Now coming back to the actors Amy Adams did her part to the best with whatever little screen time she had. And the lead Henry Cavill was such a bad choice as he showed no emotion what so ever much like a robot. I like that they at least tried to bring this origin story to screen with a different path but the end product was not a good one. The best origin story brought to screen for me will still be BB and TASM.

My Rating : 6.5/10

PS: There’s no mention of any build up to a justice league movie at all in this one. If any of you guys did find something related to it. Please do tell

Review of Iron Man 3 ( 2013 )


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The makers of Iron Man 3 used Avengers as a springboard and focused solely on Tony Stark’s world. In that context, they held nothing back! They delivered everything and to my surprise, a lot of it I did not expect. How many third films can you say that about? They dared to forge a new direction for a lead character that’s been a pure hit in three films, including Avengers.
The story was simple, all the special effects were fantastic and RDJ did his thing again owning the screen as IM. The downside for me was the vulnerability of IM and the lame enemies. I thought that it was great that Tony Stark was pushed to his limits but would have been better against a different foe, someone challenging on the technical side maybe. Instead we have some people that can annoyingly rejuvinate over and over again. And the biggest downer was how easily IM’s suit was trashed. Considering the types of opponents he’s come up against in previous movies IM 1, IM 2 and Thor and all the aliens in Avengers, its quite a shock to see the suit torn apart like that. It just didn’t make sense.
Apart from that there was some great humor with perfect timing and you got to stay till the end credits for the movie to become a full circle.And I’m pretty sure that this film will break some opening week records to be right up there considering the popularity of this franchise. Predicting it to be another Billion Dollars grosser.

My Rating : 8.5/10

Review of G.I.Joe Retaliation ( 2012 )


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G.I.Joe : Retaliation – Crap movie. Better to stay away from it. All that waiting in order to reshoot some scenes so that Channing Tatum could’ve more screen time was all a big lie. The 3D was mediocre, action sequences terrible( looked more like The Expandables 2 ) and the story was like wtf is going on ? No characterization noting. The Set pieces would’ve been great if executed properly but since the director was the guy who made Step Up 2,3 and JB: Concert Movie, he was never really the right guy to helm this project and was found wanting in the combat department. Would highly recommend you to stay away from it and watch it on TV.

My Rating : 5/10

My Top 10 Films of 2012


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So this is my second year at wordpress and really do enjoy sharing my views here. 2012 has been a great year for films with so many top quality films release. It was a tough decision leaving a few out of my top 10, but then again it was that type of year where there were too many good films to choose from. This year I did get to see almost all of the high profile flicks, unlike last year. So here’s my list for 2012

Honorable Mentions : Silver Linings Playbook, End of Watch, The Impossible, The Avengers, Zero Dark Thirty

10. Seven Psychopaths


 Funny, quirky, violent, smartly written and each actor played their parts exactly how we would have expected them.There would be nobody who could have filled each of those rolls the way these guys did. Its hard to mix the violence and humour but this movie was successful in the same vein as Shaun of the Dead or Pulp Fiction. Woody plays these off beat rolls so well. Christopher Walkens was great. Sam Rockwell really stood out in my mind, playing the crazy who was putting this whole story together. I would recommend this to people who enjoy things out of the usual, and be ready to keep guessing who is doing what. Was definitely snubbed at the Oscars by not even getting an Original Screenplay nomination. This is one of those films which will have many classic quotes as more and more get to see this gem.

9. Django Unchained


Django Unchained is what a western looks like if done by Quentin Tarantino. It’s the type of movie that makes you want to scream for revenge.
Everything is to perfection, and I mean it. The acting is superb, without par. First, from looking at the preview, I thought that Leonardo Dicaprio’s character would get on my nerve. Not the case, it fits in perfectly. Jamie Foxx, ever since Collateral, he’s been able to play a greater range of personas, and it shows here. Finally, Christoph Waltz is the glue of that movie with his strong character. Another surprise package from the film was Samuel Jackson’s outstanding performance. Will go down as yet another Tarantino classic.

8. The Perks Of Being a Wallflower


“Welcome to the island of misfit toys.” Charlie (Lerman) is a very very shy boy just starting his freshman year in high school. From his first day he counts down the days till he graduates. He meets two seniors Sam (Watson) and Patrick who help him adjust. There are few movies that can suck you in in the first minute. This is one of them. This is a movie that has a character that everyone can relate to, which is very rare these days. There are also movies that are so good that words can not express how good they are. This is also one of those. I honestly can not express how great this movie is and can not recommend this highly enough. Ezra Miller gives an amazing performance here.  

7. The Intouchables


The power of love and interconnection, and learning how to care for someone else besides yourself are strong themes in this movie. It was funny, touching, tragic and wonderful all at the same time. For why are we here on this planet if not to take care of each other and impact each others’ lives? These actors I’ve never seen took me on an amazing ride that I’ll not soon forget. It is amazing how two people can affect each other so deeply. Absolutely one the best movies I’ve ever seen.

6. Cloud Atlas


This movie is about six different stories taking place during different time period but all the stories have a similarity which goes on to explain that there will be consequences for all actions that one does during their different reincarnation. This sort of like the ripple effect. The Background score is definitely one of the best of the year and was a big snub at the oscars. This is the kind of movie like other classics that as time goes on and after much repeated viewing the viewer will completely fall in love with it.

5. Paranorman


ParaNorman follows a misunderstood boy who is able to speak to the dead. When the town is over thrown by zombies, a witches curse, and an angry mob it’s up to him to push his abilities to the limit to save them all. This film not only delivers something new and different with an almost played out genre, it manages to stand out and entertain on numerous levels. Featuring an all-star voice cast of who step into their roles and bring these fun characters to creepy life. While this seems to be an animated kid’s film, this was clearly made with all ages in mind. There are moments that some would deem not so kid friendly, but still manages to maintain its place among an almost all ages film. The animation is awesome with some strange character and set design that only adds to the originality and fun of this film. This film is formatted like an actual zombie film, but then takes some twists and turns to take it someplace new. The story is dark and fun all at once and will easily keep both adults and kids entertained. There are some classic monster movie moments that adults will appreciate as well as some subject matter that is a bit glossed over, but clearly takes a momentary step out of the family film.

4. Life of Pi


When I first read the book they said it was unfilmable at it’s time of release, but Mr.Ang Lee has proved them all wrong by pushing the boundaries of technology and producing the most visually stunning movie of the year. This is a story about a boy surviving against all odds and having faith and hope as his biggest companion along with a Bengal tiger. I won’t go into much details of the story as it is one that ought to be seen at the biggest of screens possible. The visuals of this movie is just breathtaking, and I can say without doubt that this IS the best use of 3D in a film, post-Avatar.

3. The Raid Redemption


The Raid Redemption is easily one of the best action movies in years. It is just pure nonstop adrenaline pumping action throughout the film. The fight sequences were beautifully choreographed, just imagine Jackie Chan fight sequences, but with only guns,knives,blood and gore,instead of the sand bags and his trademark jackets. Also the background score is one of the best for an action movie. It’s a must watch for any action junkie. Eagerly awaiting the sequel ” Berandal ” !

2. Beasts Of the Southern Wild


Beasts of the Southern Wild is a fantastic movie. An artistic and deeply emotional drama from first time director Benh Zeitlin, this film is a beautiful look on life, childhood, and a bleak future for our planet. The film takes place in a world where the polar ice caps have melted much more than they already have, and as a result, many areas around the world have fallen into the sea. Others have turned into islands, such as the area outside of New Orleans where this movie takes place. A young girl named Hushpuppy lives in one of these ragtag, poor societies. Her mother left when she was very young, and her father is a drunk, incapable man who is unwilling to take care of her. Hushpuppy does the best she can with her situation, but fears that as her life unravels, the fabled auroch beasts will unfreeze from the ice and come for her. Quvenzhané Wallis is a powerhouse as the young girl Hushpuppy. She is a quiet, introspective character, and Wallis plays the role with such sincerity and understanding that it is almost heartbreaking. Dwight Henry plays the father, who portrays the character like a wounded animal. Henry gives the film a strong grounding in realism, with the parallels to the real world being deeply felt through his character.

1. Moonrise Kingdom


The film follows the young couple of Sam and Suzy as they decide to run away together. They both have lives that are reminiscent of childhood— trying to fit in, being an outsider, and being continually frustrated by the seemingly idiotic world of adulthood. The adults, which include Suzy’s parents, the local sheriff, and Sam’s boy scout leader, all seem to occupy an absurd and cartoon world that seems shallow and lacking in the joys that the two main characters remain in touch with. The action takes place on an island community in 1965, which helps to create a majestic and beautiful world that the characters inhabit. The two stars are both newcomers. Jared Gilman is great as the awkward outsider Sam, and plays his role as if he were a 1960s movie star. Kara Hayward is phenomenal as Suzy, the troubled girl that runs off with Sam. Together they have marvelous chemistry that make their scenes almost spellbinding to watch. The grownups are just are all great to watch. Bill Murray and Frances McDormand play Suzy’s parents. They are both hilarious, and also slightly tragic in their sour marriage. Bruce Willis plays the slightly dimwitted cop who takes control of the rescue party to find the two kids. Edward Norton highlights the movie as the overzealous and dopey boy scout master. There are other cameos in the film, all of which are delightful and welcome. Anderson has created a beautiful world that blends realism with surrealism. Another one of the many deserving films that were snubbed by the Academy.

Moonrise Kingdom is without doubt my favorite film of the year.

Review of The Impossible ( 2012 )


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So I finally got to see The Impossible, and it was the first movie in a long time that made me cry. A great film that tells the story of a family who survived and found each other against all odd. Naomi Watts gives an Oscar worthy performance, will be very surprised if she doesn’t get one.The child actors too did a good job here. And the director and the cinematography was top notch. The Tsunami scenes were gut-wrenching and greatly shot. Definitely one of the best films of 2012.
My Rating : 9/10

Review of Thuppakki ( 2012 )


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I finally managed to see Thuppakki, couldn’t watch it earlier due to my ongoing exams. And I will say that it’s a big improvement from the previous tamil film (Maatraan)  that I saw a while back. I was pleasantly surprised that Vijay managed to control his over the top antics and dialogue that is usually associated with his films. In this one he does manage to hold all that back and has learned from his mistakes, but credit here must be given to the director who has molded him well. There is nothing new in the story which hasn’t already been done before in a terrorist-driven film.  Here they take stuff from films such as Taken and other kidnap stories. And Kajal Agarwal is used as nothing more than a eye candy in the dance numbers and for some comedic relief which bothered me because she literally has nothing to do with the story other than marry the hero which again could have been avoided and saved like 45 minutes from the film, but then again people just go in for some masala movies these days as indicated by the box-office collection which at the time of writing this has grossed more than 100 crores. The cinematography too wasn’t what i expected it to be after hearing from others that he’s supposedly the best in the industries because some the shots like the slow motion shots used were really not needed in the film but i guess they just wanted it for the trailers and sell it like a cool-technical-advancement-in-tamil film which it was not as those scenes were poorly shot. The other day me and my friend were discussing as to who was the best current dancer in Tamil movies next to Prabhu Deva and he said it was Vijay, but I’ve to disagree with him on that because there wasn’t anything extraordinary with his moves here. The background score was alright but nothing noteworthy. My only drawback is that if this is the type of movie which manages to break the 100 crore barrier in the Tamil film industry, then it really is a sad state in terms of the quality of films out there.

My Rating : 6/10

Review of Killing Them Softly ( 2012 )


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I finally got to see ” Killing Them Softly ” and did have a very good time.It’s an incredible film with a great screenplay and direction.The entire casting was spot on with Ray Liotta and Brad Pitt delivering a great performance along with the rest of the cast.The film does have a large amount of dialogue like those of Ritchie’s or Tarantino’s films. The violence portrayed in the movie was greatly shot as well.The story overall is very good and does leave you thinking about it once you exit the theater. And also this film is sure to have some Oscar recognition when it gets a wider release.

My Rating : 8/10

Review of Life of Pi (2012)


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When I first read the book they said it was unfilmable at it’s time of release, but Mr.Ang Lee has proved them all wrong by pushing the boundaries of technology and producing the most visually stunning movie of the year. This is a story about a boy surviving against all odds and having faith and hope as his biggest companion along with a Bengal tiger. I won’t go into much details of the story as it is one that ought to be seen at the biggest of screens possible. The visuals of this movie is just breathtaking, and I can say without doubt that this IS the best use of 3D in a film, post-Avatar. The film goes at a fairly decent pace. For a move with movie with just one main character it does have it’s funny moments to lighten up the mood. Coming to the graphics used in the film you wont for a second believe it to be CGI as it was that good, specially the tiger which was done beautifully, the oscars for special effects is a sure win here. And the cinematography is once again among the best of this year. The
background score was pretty solid as well. And the cast gives a great performance from everyone, especially the guy playing the lead does a wonderful job. This film will get surely get multiple nominations at the oscars, And will definitely score big in the technical category. I have a feeling that this year Life of Pi might sweep the technical awards and Lincoln ( which am yet to see ) will sweep the non-technical awards. Kinda like how Hugo and The Artist did last year.

My Rating : 9/10