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Underworld went from a potential good series to now on the verge of being bad. The first movie started well, second continued in an alright pace, third was also good but the fourth movie was mediocre. The fall occurred due to the same mistake Hollywood keeps repeating intentionally, poor story, too much effects, way too much action and the worst of all, 3D.

The story, which is attempting to continue the pace left at Underworld 2 is rather not bad and can result very well if played right, unfortunately due to the main focus on action and effects, the story was not focused on too well which could have made a difference in the entire movie. True the action and effects were pleasing, but even pleasing effects should have limits and must not cross the line only to be over done, in this case like many movies, the action and effects were over done, to a major extent.

All and all, Underworld Awakening delivered the action which is in demand for the audience today, but the tradition of good story telling must always be a movies back-bone.

Bottom line is that fans of the series will be content with the direction in which the franchise is heading,while the casual viewer will be able to watch it once.

Rating : 6/10