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Ok before i start my list I’ve to mention that the movies that were added here are just the ones that I’ve been able to watch here as we dont get a lot of movies released and if they do release them, its usually very late in the year or the next. The movies listed here are the ones which I’ve seen in the Theater, DVD or VoD. Oh, and am yet to see most of the movies that have been nominated for this year’s Oscar at the time of writing this Post.

10.X-Men:First Class

X-Men has been without doubt the best Superhero movie of the year.This is the movie that has put Matthew Vaughn on map in a global level.This prequel is an absolute stunner – from storyboard, script, mutant characters, pace, cinematography,VFX. In fact, the subtitle for this movie could also be X-Men: Origins. The poignant beginnings of Magneto and Mystique are recounted, as well as the extraordinary powers of Professor X. Yes, indeed! The good professor had plenty of goodies (and hair) in his formative years at Oxford University.


Calling this movie as the female version of The Hangover would be an understatement.Well I’d like to point out that this is not an ordinary comedy which we see nowadays. This is a buddy comedy in disguise – played by women. These women are all unique, weird and funny. The things that happened to them and the things they do are hilarious! These actresses were just brilliant, the plot is well done and I can really say it’s my favorite comedy of the year.And also special mentions must be given for the whole cast who were brilliant in their respective roles and Melissa McCarthy was great and does an incredible performance as Megan.


Just one of those days for Rango (Johnny Depp). He just lost his owner but with a lot of determination he stumbles into the town of “Dirt”. A town plagued with the reality of running out of water very soon. After winning a bought with the Town Hawk, Rango’s bravery is rewarded by the town appointing him the new sheriff. As acting sheriff, Rango must solve the mystery of the water drought that has robbed the town of “Dirt” of its water. Rango and his friend Beans (Isla Fisher) search for the truth only to find it hard to teach a dog new tricks. Great animation. A movie for 10 years and up rated PG. Great adventure of a lovable Gecko and it’s directed by Gore Verbinski the director of all the Pirates of the Caribbean. How can you go wrong?


This film is just a what if, that it could happen. A deadly virus could nearly infect a nation. People go in a frenzy, there is no fantasy about this film. It does not quite play as a race against time type of film. Instead of how it affects the people around the area. It does have a great setting, as they try investigate on what unleashed the virus.

The performances where good, Matt Damon was excellent, has a man having trouble taking this all in, after is wife(Gwenyth Paltrow) dies from the infect. Cate Blanchett and Laurence Fishburne are also good,as doctors trying to find a cure. Marion Cottilard is great, as her character is trying to find out how the virus started. And Jude Law was  also good as a sleazy reporter. Also the movie score is one of the best the year as it sets in perfectly with the theme of the movie.


Drive is a masterpiece. It is one of  the best movie this year. I will warn you this film is not for everyone. It is brutal, and incredibly unique. It is not the “Fast and Furious” or “Transporter” movie it sounds like, but an expertly crafted love story meets crime thriller. Ryan Gosling really shines here as “Driver” he acts through facial expressions, body language, and hand movements rather than big eloquent speeches.Drive is very violent, poignant and filled with deep underlying themes. The biggest, is “How Far Would You Go To Protect Those Whom You Love” and the answer, is pretty far as Gosling proves in what will surely be the films iconic “Elevator Scene” Drive is a masterpiece, filled with great performances, themes, a killer soundtrack, action, and brilliant direction from Nicolas Winding Refn.

5.Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

I saw the trailer  and the cast of the film  and immediately wanted to see it. After waiting for months for the film i went to see it and I have to say,I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. It wasn’t what i thought it was going to be at all but none the less a brilliant spectacle. We start withe a meeting between the boys where control fire himself and smiley we then pan to the minister who explains to smiley that there is a mole at the top of the “circus”. Throughout the film mystery, murder, lust and torture pursue. I wont give anything away but the film does have a brilliant ending which includes an appropriate song  and all your questions will be answered.And Gary Oldman   rightly deserves his Oscar nomination.


This is not your typical sports movie.Billy Beane(Brad Pitt), manager of the baseball team the Oakland A’s, is growing very frustrated, that he get a winning season, his team is the lowest of the low. He tries to figure out what is he doing wrong. Then he meets Peter(Jonah Hill), a college graduate, with a high I.Q., who tells him his approach to the game is all wrong, so Billy hires Peter, decides to takes Peters advice, and go with the new approach, but will it work?

Brad Pitt give an Oscar worthy performance, you really feel his frustration. Jonah Hill is good too, nice to see him do something different. He and Pitt have good scenes together. Philip Seymour Hoffman is also good as the coach. The guys playing the baseball players too are good. This one too rightly deserves all the nominations it has been getting.

3.Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol

This movie is a top notch action thriller with great direction, cinematography, cool stunts and overall a complete package. And the fact that you know its Tom Cruise performing all the Stunts by himself is in itself a great thrill to watch.  The 30 minutes of IMAX shot in this movie was surreal and something to behold, that itself justifies the extra IMAX price, Go see the movie because it’s really worth it (IMAX recommended for complete experience).Also Brad bird live action directional debut is the Best action film in the last 10 years.

2.The Tree of Life

Terrence Malick has written and directed a true masterpiece of museum quality with his film, “The Tree of Life”. The cinematography far outshines the importance of the dialog, and one is in awe of its beauty. The music is equally as mesmerizing and set perfectly to the photography in such a way that it captures the splendor of the times and places represented. Brad Pitt who is cast well as the father gives the performance of his career, and Jessica Chastain is a perfect choice as the very understanding and loving wife. The child actors are as believable and natural in their roles. It is another “must see” film that is now available on Blu Ray DVD’s, and it deserves the spectacular sound and picture that this medium provides.This is one of those movies that never gets old even on multiple watching.

1.Attack the Block

This British horror-sci-fi-action mash up may not only be the best movie of the year, but it’s also the coolest. Successfully combing the finest elements of multiple subgenres – hoodie horror, alien invasion, gangster action – debut director Joe Cornish has crafted a nonstop pulse-starter with an abundance of flair and self-assurance, and with a freakily fantastic soundtrack to go along with it. The young unknown cast portraying the gang protecting their turf from otherworldly creatures are pitch perfect, and the familiar faces – Nick Frost, Luke Treadaway – are a hoot in the smaller comic roles. The biggest winner of the day though is Cornish’s screenplay; the uniquely South London dialogue is both hilarious and awesome whilst the story propels along at a rapid pace. All in all this is a real treat and a great directional debut for Joe Cornish along with the lines of Quentin Tarantino and Neill Blomkamp.

Honorable Mentions : Tin tin,The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Horrible Bosses