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John Carter, a film standing tall in effects,direction and all but lacks soul of a movie i.e. a strong story. It is almost like every other movie which falls short on expectations from a Disney movie (at least I keep great expectations).The poster was a total fail not evoking any interest towards  the movie. And biggest dissapointment was Disney’s dismal marketing strategy.The trailers were miserable as well.Movie failed miserably on my expectation as without a strong story all efforts in making a great movie go in drain. Suspense at the end was good but story seemed to be fragmented and loosely joined. I guess, actors failed to get enough space to show their acting talent in all this chaos of out of the world special effect.Many characters, incidents and events failed to create their unique purpose & contribution in movie and appeared more like just being stuffed in to appear full.

Rating  :  5/10