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Rock of ages : It’s a cheese fest let me tell you that, boy meets girl both fall in love and then split up over a small misunderstanding before all things are patched up and good at the end. Yeah I know we have seen that story a million times, but that is just used as a plot to play a bunch of songs. The casting of this movie its biggest drawback, when it could have been done better. Catherine zet…a Jones wasn’t any where close to what she was from Chicago her dance and acting were so difficult to watch. And the two lovers weren’t anything to speak of as well both lacked character and chemistry. And Malik Ackerman was just used as an eye candy and nothing else. Paul giamatti does what best could be done with his role. The comedic relief of Russel brand and Alec Baldwin is also spot on.  The only good thing about this movie and which holds it together is Tom cruise. He is perfect for the role of the Rock God stacee jaxx and pulls it off effortlessly,you can see the amount of hard work he puts into each character he plays from this one. You can go watch this one especially for Tom’s performance and also it’s good to watch something fresh like a musical in the summer for a change instead of the usual CGI – fest that’s playing everywhere. Definitely a lot of fun and fans of rock and roll will love it. Though this movie won’t have a big opening weekend, it will surely have legs to play on for a long time and make money. Considering its 80’s rock & roll and also it being a musical.
My Rating  : 7/10