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The Epic conclusion to the trilogy. Just came out from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Not as mesmerizing as The Dark Knight ,but still Christopher Nolan executed a legendary ending to the series with breathtaking visual moments and fine performances.The film starts of a bit slow and the action just heats up in the 3rd act which was a big let down for me.Hans Zimmer ‘s score is phenomenal , the Bane Chant wherever he used was epic.Christian Bale continued his legacy in the third part too. om Hardy was a beefy substitute for Heath Ledger in a hell of a villain as the merciless and destructive evil.Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman reprise’s there roles as strong as it’s been throughout the series.Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a fair job as the detective and Marion Cotillard was ok as Miranda Tate.Anne Hatheway as CatWoman was just a sidekick and nothing much performance wise from her We may never see superhero films quite like these again, and that’s fine.Nolan had ended on his own terms.If plans arise to reboot the “Batman” films a few years from now, I wish you luck. The bar is as high as it could possibly be.The only drawback is that Nolan had set the bar too high for himself with his second film that he couldn’t deliver a masterpiece that we expected it to be.The films plot was too chaotic and never once felt like a superhero movie.That was my main disappointment from this film.
My Rating : 8.5/10