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Just saw The Amazing Spiderman.It was really good.This is certainly a much darker one from the previous film,it also stays true to it comic book roots.This is kinda like batman begins where they dwell a lot into the characters early roots and do it in a more dark tone.Also garfield portrays Peter Parker just like in the comic books.The only problem that most people find with t…his the lack of action scences.But i dont mind that because just like Batman begins,after showing us the beginning of the character it nicely sets up the movie for its sequels.Also the 3D sequences are one of the best ever portrayed in an action movie after Avatar,full marks to Marc Webb on that part.Also do stay tuned for the post credit scene as it makes you want to see the next film and you will know exactly how true this movie is to the original Spiderman comic book than the Sam Raimi’s one. PS: I dont know if its just in my theater or every where else too but one of the scenes from the TV spots where Peter runs into the door man at the building before he comes through the fire escape into Gwen’s room was not shown! Please let me know if they showed it or not in your theater as well.
My Rating : 7/10