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ImageMaatraan – Where do I even begin to describe what a big
waste of time this film was.Even from the look of the trailers I wasn’t exactly sold
to go see the movie,but a free ticket on the first day
of a Tamil movie was too good an opportunity to pass
on,since it was starring a big name actor and I had
wanted to see what it’d feel like and boy was i
disappointed.There wasn’t anyone in the audience going
berserk like i was told they would, considering this
being a first day and all. The only time the crowd had a
few laughs was when comments were passed on how the hero
flies and fights the bad guys kind of like how Vijay and
Vijaykanth would do in their movies.Now coming to the
story,has Kollywood really lost it’s sense of Tamil
story telling even in the so-called Masala Movie?
People nowadays just copy every single concept from
different movies and try to cramp it into one big piece
of garbage movie like this.And let’s not even talk about
the heroine who in this film is used for some song &
Dance sequences and doing the role of a glamorous
translator.Another thing that was bugging me was how our
hero doesn’t speak english with those Ukrainians
considering that he comes from a rich family and
business background, and also the so called Ukrainian
official who are an Army general and a world famous
scientist both of whom don’t know any English. But this
could easily be explained as they wanted to keep the
“glamour quotient” in each and every screen time
available as the “Translator” and nothing more.Is this
really all the craft that Kollywood has got to offer
then I’ve to say am very disappointed and not really
looking forward to anymore films until maybe when Mani
Rathnam releases his next film Kadal,until then I
probably this might very well be my last Tamil film for
a while.

 My Rating : 2/10