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So I saw Cloud Atlas today and it is an incredibly shot Epic Movie.

I’ll admit I was never a big fan of The Matrix and the first time i saw the trailer for this movie i was sucked into it, because you don’t ever see a trailer that’s five minutes long and still expect it to be just a single stand alone movie. But the Wachowski brothers have pulled off a great job in bringing to screen another great story. The Ensemble cast have done a great job. This movie is about six different stories taking place during different time period but all the stories have a similarity which goes on to explain that there will be consequences for all actions that one does during their different reincarnation. This sort of like the ripple effect. The Background is definitely one of the best of this year so far. And the movie as a whole is also right up there  with my top five of the year. Based on the complexity of the movie it’s no wonder that it’s hard to sell. But this is the kind of movie like other classics that as time goes on and after much repeated viewing the viewer will completely fall in love with it. Definitely one to watch on the Big Screen. And if time permits I’d surely be watching it at the cinemas once more!

My Rating : 8/10