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Skyfall – This movie has many negative than the positives going for it.
Let me get the positives out of the way first. The first thing you will be impressed by this film will be that of Javier Bardem’ acting. He gives yet again another powerful performance, which might give him an outside chance at having a shot at the nominations for the oscars. Then there’s M who also does her part quite well. And this time we also get to see a part of Bond where he’s broken down both physically and mentally. And in this film we indeed do get to see him deliver his trademark dialogue ” The Name’s Bond, James Bond” . Also the opening credit sequence and the Adele song are also  very well done.

Now coming back to the negatives.
The plot of the movie where MI6 gets breached and all the intel being stolen has been done in many spy movies. The movie also focuses on Bond’s background and upbringing, rather than focussing on saving the world kind of stuff that we usually see. And if am not mistaken this has to be the only movie where the “ Bond Girl “ has the least amount of time on screen. I think she has totally about just about 5-6 minutes in the movie which was a big letdown for me. And another thing going against for this movie was the lack of gadgets being used in the movie, which again is a trademark of the Bond Movies. Instead we see Bond being resorted to place where it is devoid of technology and forced to make Booby traps, which was just pathetic.
The movie also consisted of many plot holes which I won’t be revealing right now in order to avoid any spoilers for those who are yet to see the film.

The bottom line is you can still go and have fun at the cinemas but don’t expect it to be like the good old Bond films that we grown to love.

                                                                My Rating : 6/10