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When I first read the book they said it was unfilmable at it’s time of release, but Mr.Ang Lee has proved them all wrong by pushing the boundaries of technology and producing the most visually stunning movie of the year. This is a story about a boy surviving against all odds and having faith and hope as his biggest companion along with a Bengal tiger. I won’t go into much details of the story as it is one that ought to be seen at the biggest of screens possible. The visuals of this movie is just breathtaking, and I can say without doubt that this IS the best use of 3D in a film, post-Avatar. The film goes at a fairly decent pace. For a move with movie with just one main character it does have it’s funny moments to lighten up the mood. Coming to the graphics used in the film you wont for a second believe it to be CGI as it was that good, specially the tiger which was done beautifully, the oscars for special effects is a sure win here. And the cinematography is once again among the best of this year. The
background score was pretty solid as well. And the cast gives a great performance from everyone, especially the guy playing the lead does a wonderful job. This film will get surely get multiple nominations at the oscars, And will definitely score big in the technical category. I have a feeling that this year Life of Pi might sweep the technical awards and Lincoln ( which am yet to see ) will sweep the non-technical awards. Kinda like how Hugo and The Artist did last year.

My Rating : 9/10