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I finally managed to see Thuppakki, couldn’t watch it earlier due to my ongoing exams. And I will say that it’s a big improvement from the previous tamil film (Maatraan)  that I saw a while back. I was pleasantly surprised that Vijay managed to control his over the top antics and dialogue that is usually associated with his films. In this one he does manage to hold all that back and has learned from his mistakes, but credit here must be given to the director who has molded him well. There is nothing new in the story which hasn’t already been done before in a terrorist-driven film.  Here they take stuff from films such as Taken and other kidnap stories. And Kajal Agarwal is used as nothing more than a eye candy in the dance numbers and for some comedic relief which bothered me because she literally has nothing to do with the story other than marry the hero which again could have been avoided and saved like 45 minutes from the film, but then again people just go in for some masala movies these days as indicated by the box-office collection which at the time of writing this has grossed more than 100 crores. The cinematography too wasn’t what i expected it to be after hearing from others that he’s supposedly the best in the industries because some the shots like the slow motion shots used were really not needed in the film but i guess they just wanted it for the trailers and sell it like a cool-technical-advancement-in-tamil film which it was not as those scenes were poorly shot. The other day me and my friend were discussing as to who was the best current dancer in Tamil movies next to Prabhu Deva and he said it was Vijay, but I’ve to disagree with him on that because there wasn’t anything extraordinary with his moves here. The background score was alright but nothing noteworthy. My only drawback is that if this is the type of movie which manages to break the 100 crore barrier in the Tamil film industry, then it really is a sad state in terms of the quality of films out there.

My Rating : 6/10