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So this is my second year at wordpress and really do enjoy sharing my views here. 2012 has been a great year for films with so many top quality films release. It was a tough decision leaving a few out of my top 10, but then again it was that type of year where there were too many good films to choose from. This year I did get to see almost all of the high profile flicks, unlike last year. So here’s my list for 2012

Honorable Mentions : Silver Linings Playbook, End of Watch, The Impossible, The Avengers, Zero Dark Thirty

10. Seven Psychopaths


 Funny, quirky, violent, smartly written and each actor played their parts exactly how we would have expected them.There would be nobody who could have filled each of those rolls the way these guys did. Its hard to mix the violence and humour but this movie was successful in the same vein as Shaun of the Dead or Pulp Fiction. Woody plays these off beat rolls so well. Christopher Walkens was great. Sam Rockwell really stood out in my mind, playing the crazy who was putting this whole story together. I would recommend this to people who enjoy things out of the usual, and be ready to keep guessing who is doing what. Was definitely snubbed at the Oscars by not even getting an Original Screenplay nomination. This is one of those films which will have many classic quotes as more and more get to see this gem.

9. Django Unchained


Django Unchained is what a western looks like if done by Quentin Tarantino. It’s the type of movie that makes you want to scream for revenge.
Everything is to perfection, and I mean it. The acting is superb, without par. First, from looking at the preview, I thought that Leonardo Dicaprio’s character would get on my nerve. Not the case, it fits in perfectly. Jamie Foxx, ever since Collateral, he’s been able to play a greater range of personas, and it shows here. Finally, Christoph Waltz is the glue of that movie with his strong character. Another surprise package from the film was Samuel Jackson’s outstanding performance. Will go down as yet another Tarantino classic.

8. The Perks Of Being a Wallflower


“Welcome to the island of misfit toys.” Charlie (Lerman) is a very very shy boy just starting his freshman year in high school. From his first day he counts down the days till he graduates. He meets two seniors Sam (Watson) and Patrick who help him adjust. There are few movies that can suck you in in the first minute. This is one of them. This is a movie that has a character that everyone can relate to, which is very rare these days. There are also movies that are so good that words can not express how good they are. This is also one of those. I honestly can not express how great this movie is and can not recommend this highly enough. Ezra Miller gives an amazing performance here.  

7. The Intouchables


The power of love and interconnection, and learning how to care for someone else besides yourself are strong themes in this movie. It was funny, touching, tragic and wonderful all at the same time. For why are we here on this planet if not to take care of each other and impact each others’ lives? These actors I’ve never seen took me on an amazing ride that I’ll not soon forget. It is amazing how two people can affect each other so deeply. Absolutely one the best movies I’ve ever seen.

6. Cloud Atlas


This movie is about six different stories taking place during different time period but all the stories have a similarity which goes on to explain that there will be consequences for all actions that one does during their different reincarnation. This sort of like the ripple effect. The Background score is definitely one of the best of the year and was a big snub at the oscars. This is the kind of movie like other classics that as time goes on and after much repeated viewing the viewer will completely fall in love with it.

5. Paranorman


ParaNorman follows a misunderstood boy who is able to speak to the dead. When the town is over thrown by zombies, a witches curse, and an angry mob it’s up to him to push his abilities to the limit to save them all. This film not only delivers something new and different with an almost played out genre, it manages to stand out and entertain on numerous levels. Featuring an all-star voice cast of who step into their roles and bring these fun characters to creepy life. While this seems to be an animated kid’s film, this was clearly made with all ages in mind. There are moments that some would deem not so kid friendly, but still manages to maintain its place among an almost all ages film. The animation is awesome with some strange character and set design that only adds to the originality and fun of this film. This film is formatted like an actual zombie film, but then takes some twists and turns to take it someplace new. The story is dark and fun all at once and will easily keep both adults and kids entertained. There are some classic monster movie moments that adults will appreciate as well as some subject matter that is a bit glossed over, but clearly takes a momentary step out of the family film.

4. Life of Pi


When I first read the book they said it was unfilmable at it’s time of release, but Mr.Ang Lee has proved them all wrong by pushing the boundaries of technology and producing the most visually stunning movie of the year. This is a story about a boy surviving against all odds and having faith and hope as his biggest companion along with a Bengal tiger. I won’t go into much details of the story as it is one that ought to be seen at the biggest of screens possible. The visuals of this movie is just breathtaking, and I can say without doubt that this IS the best use of 3D in a film, post-Avatar.

3. The Raid Redemption


The Raid Redemption is easily one of the best action movies in years. It is just pure nonstop adrenaline pumping action throughout the film. The fight sequences were beautifully choreographed, just imagine Jackie Chan fight sequences, but with only guns,knives,blood and gore,instead of the sand bags and his trademark jackets. Also the background score is one of the best for an action movie. It’s a must watch for any action junkie. Eagerly awaiting the sequel ” Berandal ” !

2. Beasts Of the Southern Wild


Beasts of the Southern Wild is a fantastic movie. An artistic and deeply emotional drama from first time director Benh Zeitlin, this film is a beautiful look on life, childhood, and a bleak future for our planet. The film takes place in a world where the polar ice caps have melted much more than they already have, and as a result, many areas around the world have fallen into the sea. Others have turned into islands, such as the area outside of New Orleans where this movie takes place. A young girl named Hushpuppy lives in one of these ragtag, poor societies. Her mother left when she was very young, and her father is a drunk, incapable man who is unwilling to take care of her. Hushpuppy does the best she can with her situation, but fears that as her life unravels, the fabled auroch beasts will unfreeze from the ice and come for her. Quvenzhané Wallis is a powerhouse as the young girl Hushpuppy. She is a quiet, introspective character, and Wallis plays the role with such sincerity and understanding that it is almost heartbreaking. Dwight Henry plays the father, who portrays the character like a wounded animal. Henry gives the film a strong grounding in realism, with the parallels to the real world being deeply felt through his character.

1. Moonrise Kingdom


The film follows the young couple of Sam and Suzy as they decide to run away together. They both have lives that are reminiscent of childhood— trying to fit in, being an outsider, and being continually frustrated by the seemingly idiotic world of adulthood. The adults, which include Suzy’s parents, the local sheriff, and Sam’s boy scout leader, all seem to occupy an absurd and cartoon world that seems shallow and lacking in the joys that the two main characters remain in touch with. The action takes place on an island community in 1965, which helps to create a majestic and beautiful world that the characters inhabit. The two stars are both newcomers. Jared Gilman is great as the awkward outsider Sam, and plays his role as if he were a 1960s movie star. Kara Hayward is phenomenal as Suzy, the troubled girl that runs off with Sam. Together they have marvelous chemistry that make their scenes almost spellbinding to watch. The grownups are just are all great to watch. Bill Murray and Frances McDormand play Suzy’s parents. They are both hilarious, and also slightly tragic in their sour marriage. Bruce Willis plays the slightly dimwitted cop who takes control of the rescue party to find the two kids. Edward Norton highlights the movie as the overzealous and dopey boy scout master. There are other cameos in the film, all of which are delightful and welcome. Anderson has created a beautiful world that blends realism with surrealism. Another one of the many deserving films that were snubbed by the Academy.

Moonrise Kingdom is without doubt my favorite film of the year.