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The makers of Iron Man 3 used Avengers as a springboard and focused solely on Tony Stark’s world. In that context, they held nothing back! They delivered everything and to my surprise, a lot of it I did not expect. How many third films can you say that about? They dared to forge a new direction for a lead character that’s been a pure hit in three films, including Avengers.
The story was simple, all the special effects were fantastic and RDJ did his thing again owning the screen as IM. The downside for me was the vulnerability of IM and the lame enemies. I thought that it was great that Tony Stark was pushed to his limits but would have been better against a different foe, someone challenging on the technical side maybe. Instead we have some people that can annoyingly rejuvinate over and over again. And the biggest downer was how easily IM’s suit was trashed. Considering the types of opponents he’s come up against in previous movies IM 1, IM 2 and Thor and all the aliens in Avengers, its quite a shock to see the suit torn apart like that. It just didn’t make sense.
Apart from that there was some great humor with perfect timing and you got to stay till the end credits for the movie to become a full circle.And I’m pretty sure that this film will break some opening week records to be right up there considering the popularity of this franchise. Predicting it to be another Billion Dollars grosser.

My Rating : 8.5/10