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Man of Steel – Was not the superman movie that I expected it was going to be. I had high hopes for this one after the first trailer was released during the opening of TDKR, but was beginning to feel a bit worried after it released it’s second action packed trailer. And my fears were true, as what you get to see is a non-stop shaky cam Michael Bay action film with big explosions taking place every few seconds. Because of this you couldn’t even make out who is fighting whom half of the time. Now coming back to the actors Amy Adams did her part to the best with whatever little screen time she had. And the lead Henry Cavill was such a bad choice as he showed no emotion what so ever much like a robot. I like that they at least tried to bring this origin story to screen with a different path but the end product was not a good one. The best origin story brought to screen for me will still be BB and TASM.

My Rating : 6.5/10

PS: There’s no mention of any build up to a justice league movie at all in this one. If any of you guys did find something related to it. Please do tell